Climate Watch

The Lithgow Environment Group is very concerned about the lack of action by our politicians to combat climate change. With our politicians bogged down in politics we agree with Mark Diesendorf that change can come from the actions of communities. With coal mines and coal fired power stations surrounding Lithgow we feel truly "at the coal face" of this action.

No New Coal Event on Bondi Beach on January 30, 2010 where we proved that you can't clean coal.

Images: "100 Per Cent Renewables" action at Lithgow's Miners Lamp on May 1, 2010, and the 350 Event held on October 23, 2009 in front of the historic ruins of Australia's first steelworks. We have not given up writing petitions and letters to our politicians and we are directly involved locally through our members on Lithgow's Environment Advisory Committee and Delta's Community Reference Group. We are associated with the Katoomba Climate Action Now group and their excellent web site has all the info and links we would like to show.

Stop Delaying National Air Pollution Standards

Do you think it's unacceptable for governments to wait until 2020 before setting safer standards for the regulation of two dangerous pollutants, sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen? Send a letter to the relevant Minister in your state/territory using this very easy web form (link no longer working as of 2022)

Order your FREE sign today

With the federal election fast approaching, now is the time to demonstrate that we want bold action on climate. Send a clear message to our political leaders: we want bold CLIMATE ACTION NOW, before it's too late. Put a sign up on your fence, in your front window, in your front yard, where ever it will be visible. We want our MPs and candidates to see a flurry of Climate Action Now signs wherever they go in NSW, so they have no doubt that Australians want urgent action. Signs are 30cm x 45cm. Order yours now by visiting: The Nature Conservation Council's website!