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2017-2018 Lithgow Environment Group kick starts the renewable conversation...

Lithgow is a Transition Town. The decline of coal fired power generation and coal mining is happening and our economy here in Lithgow is exposed to this decline more than other, less coal dependent places. Despite calls for more of the same we have little influence in this decline. Not even our board rooms in Bangkok, Seoul or Hong Kong have much influence on what is happening but their decisions will be guided by the biggest profit option – and that will not be coal anymore. The transition to something new will not happen tomorrow but it will happen. Transitions come with upheaval and we better prepare for it. Lithgow has a great tradition of surviving transitions: 630 jobs were lost when Hoskins’ steel furnaces shut down, 12,000 (!) people were once employed at the Small Arms Factory. Lithgow didn’t survive these transitions by calling for more of the same but by getting on with something new. That’s why Lithgow Environment has embarked on a campaign we call the Lithgow Renewable Energy Hub. We are setting up an office in the admin building of Hoskins Uniting Church initially open on Thursdays and Fridays to implement our 7 point plan. Here it is:

  • Raise funds for solar installation on roofs of charity organisation buildings
  • Liaise with businesses willing to install solar
  • Lobby Energy Australia for a Pumped Hydro scheme between the lakes
  • Liaise with Dept. of Housing for solar installations
  • Lobby Lithgow City Council for a rates based approach of solar installations
  • Connect with Uni Students
  • Promote the Reskilling of the workforce
Nothing is as permanent as change – let’s prepare for it, fair and sustainable. LEG Energy Hub information: ​

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We need your help!

UPDATE 29/06/2018: LEG has completed its fundraising efforts for Hoskins Uniting Church. Lithgow Environment Group would like to thank all of those who have donated to this project so far. Without your donations, the project wouldn't have achieved what we've reached. The total target has not yet been achieved. The Hoskins Uniting Church will continue on fundraising until they reach the target of $14,571, to add to the $10,856 raised by Lithgow Environment Group. If you would like to donate to the Hoskins Uniting Church Roof-Top Solar Project, you may do so to the church directly by emailing us here.

LEG Energy Hub's first charitable fund raising project has now launched! Our first campaign will raise money to provide Lithgow's Hoskin's Uniting Church with a roof-top solar system, providing them with free and clean energy they can use to conduct their activities. The Uniting Church has programs that serve young families, elderly and those with a disability, amongst others. Hoskins Memorial Uniting Church Activity Building is the hub of all their social programs. It allows them to provide an area for a diverse range of groups and organistions to have a place to meet. Rising energy costs have reduced their opportunities and they want to do more for their community. Many of the vulnerable they serve use their centre as a save haven. It is their hope that they could better provide a cool space in summer, as well as a warm one in our long, cold winters. By raising those funds and reducing our energy costs, we can continue and expand to meet our community needs.

We need your help with reaching our target. Can you help us get there? We would appreciate it so much if you could share far and wide.

Julie Favell
Lithgow Environment Group Energy Hub

Lithgow Environment Group Energy Hub's preferred provider for solar installations is LJWSolar