Mine Watch

Lithgow is a mining area, and LEG aims to keep a close watch on:

  • Development Applications for new mine proposals
  • Modifications and extensions to existing mining operations
  • Environmental performance of POEO Licenced mines
  • Rehabilitation of operational and abandoned mines
  • Water quality monitoring downstream of mines
  • Participation on various Community Consultative Committees
  • Networking with other local and regional environment groups
  • Health and public safety impacts on air quality, drinking water, amenity, landscapes
  • On-ground monitoring of mine subsidence damage to cliffs, pagodas, headwater stream, flora, fauna and swamp communities
There are three main mining methods used locally - Bord & Pillar, Open-cut and Long Wall.

Local Historical & Operational Mines

As of 1 March 2017 there are only three (3) operational mines in the Lithgow Region. Together they produce about 7.8 million tonnes of coal each year.

Map shows current and historic coal mines, along with the decommissioned Wallerawang power station, the operational Mt Piper power station, and associated ash repositories.

Nine mines have recently either closed, or placed on 'care & maintenance', or have Development Applications pending. They are -

Historical & Operating Mines

  • Springvale Colliery – Longwall mine
  • Clarence Colliery – Continuous Miner
  • Airly Mine - Continuous Miner
Recently Closed or On Care & Maintenance

  • Angus Place Colliery: Centennial Coal – Longwall Mine - Care and Maintenance since March 2015
  • Baal Bone Colliery: Xstrata – Longwall Mine – closed 2012
  • Charbon Colliery: Centennial Coal - Continuous Miner and Open cut – closed 2014
  • Cullen Valley Mine: Castlereagh Coal Pty Ltd – Open Cut Mine/Care and Maintenance
  • Invincible Colliery – Open Cut Mine/care and maintenance
  • Enhance Place Mine: Enhance Place Pty Ltd – Open Cut Mine – closed approximately 2006
  • Ivanhoe North Mine: Centennial Coal – Open Cut Mine – closed 2012
  • Lambert's Gully Mine: Centennial Coal – Open Cut Mine – ceased operating as an open cut mine in 2010, and the site is now known as Western Coal Services
  • Pine Dale Mine: EnergyAustralia – open cut mine - Care and Maintenance since approximately 2011
Development Applications Pending

  • Invincible Colliery: Castlereagh Coal- open cut mine - Care and Maintenance since approximately 2012